A computer that regulates city hall's environmental equipment was successfully rebooted after it shut down during flooding brought on last week by heavy rain.

The municipal facility was one of the city buildings impacted by the July 12 storm, which dumped as much as eight inches of rain in some locales and caused flooding along the Fox River in Waukesha and even worse elsewhere.

The deluge also ruined a transformer in the Waukesha Public Library. We Energies had to replace that transformer.

Old computer

As far as recovery in the city hall incident, the ability to continue using of the outdated analog computer that runs the building's heating and cooling systems saves the city a major expense for now, City Administrator Kevin Lahner said.

In the near future, the system will need to be replaced or updated in a new building, Lahner said. 

The interior flooding was blamed on storm water that overloaded the roof's drain system, directing water into the building and flooding the basement and first floor.

 Lahner said arriving staff found that some floors in the building's computer and boiler rooms were flooded with a half inch of water.

The overwhelmed drains allowed water into the northeast side of the building, said Katie Jelacic of the department of public works.  

Lahner said minor flooding has happened in the building before but never to the extent experienced this morning.

Jelacic said no other computers were damaged.

City hall debate

When asked if the flooding accentuates the need for a new city hall, Lahner replied: "Essentially, it does. We've talked about the flooding issues. This is the worst that anybody has seen it in recent memory."

City officials have, during the past months, talked about the sites for a new city hall. The sites under consideration are on top of the downtown transit center, Cutler Park, the area between the Police Department and the Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry office and rebuilding on the current site.   

City hall staff were hoping to make a presentation to the Common Council on the sites at its regular meeting on July 18, but Lahner expressed doubt it could be ready by then.

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