The trial of a Waukesha man accused of fatally shooting a stranger last summer began Monday, Sept. 12, in Waukesha County Circuit Court.

Justin Carl, 36, stands accused of first-degree intentional homicide in the August 2015 death of Kevin Hueman. Prosecutors say Carl shot Hueman, who at the time was 40 and had an infant son, four times but only once fatally.

Attorneys for both parties began whittling away potential jurors from a large jury pool during Monday's hearing. Eight jurors had been struck from the pool by Monday afternoon, according to online court records.

Second trial effort

The trial comes after one false start in the case. Carl, who was in street clothes at the Sept. 12 hearing, requested a speedy trial in May, but the trial was adjourned in mid-July at the request of his attorneys, who had uncovered some new, potentially exculpatory evidence.

In a letter presented to the court during Monday's hearing, Carl said he was upset the trial had been delayed and claimed he had not had the opportunity to review all the evidence against him – a process known as discovery. However, he insisted that the trial proceed.

Authorities have not detailed a relationship between Carl and Hueman or a motive for the killing.

Stormy events

According to a criminal complaint, Carl fatally shot Hueman around 8:17 p.m. Aug. 14, 2015, shortly after Hueman walked outside his North Street home to smoke and watch a thunderstorm that night.

Carl's apartment was a block away from where the shooting occurred, according to the complaint, and he reportedly told his aunt he was responsible for the murder one day after it happened, but later denied it.

Carl was arrested a few weeks later but had to be rushed to the hospital because he sliced open his throat and wrist when officers surrounded the St. Paul Avenue apartment where he was staying.

Police recovered a bullet in front of 727 E. North St. (near the shooting) and a black Nike shoe near Hueman's body, evidence they said later helped identify Carl as the suspect.

Court records indicate Carl's trial is scheduled to last about two weeks. If convicted, he faces a mandatory life sentence.

He's facing two additional felony charges in the case as well for allegedly being a felon in possession of a firearm.

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