Jeffrey Schultz may not have had the capacity to appreciate the wrongfulness of his actions when he, according to a criminal complaint, nearly strangled his ex-wife to death and injured four Waukesha police officers earlier this year at the Country Springs Hotel.

Waukesha County Circuit Judge Ralph Ramirez ordered an examination Monday, Sept. 26, to determine just that, according to online court records. That examination is to be performed by the time Schultz, a Richfield resident, is due back in court for a motion hearing on Nov. 14.

Schultz was charged on Jan. 27 with a host of felony and misdemeanor offenses about four days after an argument between Schultz and his former wife reportedly lead to an almost fatal case of domestic violence.

According to the complaint, Schultz threatened to kill his ex-wife during the fight, choked her and repeatedly slammed her head against a wall inside a room at Country Springs, 2810 Gold Road.

The victim's daughter reported the incident to police.

The victim, who told police Schultz has made threats against her life and her children's lives in the past, received medical attention for various injuries and continued to feel the effects of the strangulation days later, she said in the complaint. The complaint noted she was "extremely close" to having her neck snapped and dying from the strangulation.

Four Waukesha police officers were also injured – one of them seriously – while trying to arrest Schultz, the complaint said.

Schultz, who the complaint said weighs 550 pounds, fell on one officer's left leg and pinned him to the ground. That officer had to be carried away from the scene after he said he felt a "strong popping sensation" in his knee.

Waukesha Police Chief Russell Jack said three other officers were hurt while trying to apprehend Schultz, but suffered only minor injuries.

Criminal history

Police said Schultz had a number of valid warrants for his arrest when he was picked up for the Country Springs incident. Those warrants instructed officers to use caution around Schultz due to his violent tendencies and said he might be armed.

Online court records indicate Schultz had a handful of run-ins with law enforcement before the incident.

In February 2015, he was charged with and later pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and battery in Washington County. He was sentenced to two years of probation in that case.

The following month, he was charged again in Washington County with disorderly conduct and felony bail jumping, but those charges were later dismissed. A third Washington County case against him, again alleging disorderly conduct, is pending.

In the Waukesha County case, he was charged with first-degree reckless injury; two strangulation and suffocation counts; intimidating a victim with the use or attempted force; intimidating a witness/threatening force; false imprisonment; battery; disorderly conduct; resisting an officer, causing substantial bodily harm/soft tissue injury; and resisting or obstructing an officer.

He's facing up to nearly 71 years behind bars if convicted of all the charges.

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