Almost exactly a year after a Waukesha man groped a Wisconsin Feargrounds employee while walking through a haunted house, he was sentenced in Waukesha County Circuit Court to probation and community service.

Kenneth Menominee, 47, pleaded guilty on Oct. 13 to misdemeanor disorderly conduct and bail jumping in related cases, one tied to the Feargrounds incident. He was sentenced the same day by Judge Michael Aprahamian, according to online court records.

Unwanted scare

Menominee was charged last December with fourth-degree sexual assault and disorderly conduct about two months after a then-20-year-old Feargrounds employee told police Menominee rubbed his hands "all over" her body and palmed her crotch while walking through a haunted house on Oct. 3.

According to a criminal complaint, the employee's job was to scare customers by crawling toward them on the floor and then standing up if she was not noticed. She did so when Menominee's group came through, and Menominee grabbed and hugged her, pinning her arms at her sides, before groping her.

The employee said in the complaint that she thought Menominee was drunk when he assaulted her because she could smell alcohol on him.

Another Feargrounds employee corroborated the victim's story, saying he saw Menominee "hugging" the victim, the complaint said. Menominee was escorted out of the Feargrounds by a sheriff's deputy after the incident.

Legal troubles

Menominee was facing a handful of additional bail jumping charges in three other cases, according to court records, including some linked to the sex assault case. He did not show for his initial court appearance in the Feargrounds case in January after he was summoned and did not appear in court at all until July, when he was released on a signature bond. He also failed to appear at a hearing last month.

As a condition of his bond, he was required to attend all of his scheduled hearings.

However, most of the bail jumping charges, and the sex assault charge, were dismissed but read into the court record as part of a plea agreement.

Aprahamian sentenced Menominee to two years of probation and 50 hours of community service for each charge he pleaded to. Online court records show Aprahamian also imposed but stayed consecutive jail terms for Menominee, totaling about a year, in favor of probation.

If Menominee violates any of the conditions of his probation, which also include absolute sobriety, random drug screens and a ban from any business that primarily serves or sells alcohol, he will have to serve the jail time.

He owes the court $331, records show.

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