What began as a wild, drug-fueled and naked ride for a Waukesha man ended Oct. 28 in Waukesha County Circuit Court.

That's when Leif Erickson was sentenced to four years in prison for leading Waukesha police on a reckless high-speed pursuit last August after he ingested LSD, took off all his clothes and plowed his truck into two police squad cars, prompting the chase.

Judge Lloyd Carter handed down the sentence, which, according to court records, also included four years of probation and at least $1,488 in restitution.

Erickson, who has been in jail since he was arrested after the chase, was given 454 days credit for time already served. He began serving his prison term immediately after his sentencing.

Erickson pleaded guilty or no contest to three charges - all felonies - associated with the chase in August 2016. Carter imposed a sentence for each crime, but only one resulted in time behind bars.

Drug-fueled pursuit

A criminal complaint said Erickson told police he took two hits of acid, or LSD, at his home about four hours before the chase. His girlfriend reportedly tried to prevent him from leaving while he was high, but Erickson punched her in the face and got into his truck.

Shortly after, he drove his truck through a fence around the Haertel Field parking lot, 440 W. Newhall Ave., and crashed it into two squad cars there.

A high-speed chase, which police captured on video, ensued. Erickson reached a speed of about 70 mph as he drove over the curb and onto Progress Avenue, ignored stop signs and continued to Sentry Drive, police said.

The roughly six-minute vehicle pursuit ended when Erickson flipped his truck, back on Progress, and walked away from it - completely naked - moments before he was apprehended.

Police said it was a miracle no one besides Erickson (who suffered broken bones in his face), was seriously injured during the chase.

Probation conditions

Erickson pleaded no contest to second-degree recklessly endangering safety and fleeing or eluding an officer, and guilty to narcotic drug possession.

As conditions of his probation, Carter ordered him to undergo a mental health assessment and participate in any recommended treatment, maintain absolute sobriety and prohibited Erickson from having any contact with his former girlfriend.

Carter also ordered Erickson to pay about $1,488 total in restitution to the Waukesha Police Department and Carroll University. Two Carroll employees on an ATV narrowly avoided being struck during the chase.

Additional restitution costs tally up to about $12,245, but Erickson is contesting that amount, Eugene Detert, Erickson's attorney, told the court. A restitution hearing is scheduled for Jan. 6.

The Erickson chase was one of two police pursuits in about a 10-month period that involved a man on drugs fleeing from officers while naked.

Mark Hunkins, the man in the other chase, was sentenced to prison in July.

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