Dean Stamm is spending a little more than two years in state prison for trying to bait Waukesha police into shooting and killing him during a tense standoff in late January.

He was sentenced in November in Waukesha County Circuit Court, about two months after he pleaded guilty to five felony counts of pointing a firearm at a law enforcement officer, a class H felony that carries a maximum sentence of six years in prison and $10,000 in fines.

Judge Lloyd Carter, who presided over the case, sentenced Stamm to a year in prison and a year of extended supervision on three of the felony counts and withheld consecutive three-year probation terms on the two remaining counts, according to online court records.

But Stamm is only serving about 26 months of his three-year prison term because Carter gave him credit for 292 days of time already served.

Stamm was arrested on Jan. 24 for attempting what he described in a criminal complaint as "suicide by cop" by pointing an assault rifle and a laser sight at police when they arrived at his Douglass Street home to perform a well-being check on him.

The complaint said Stamm's girlfriend requested the check because she was concerned Stamm — who was depressed and had been drinking that day and had easy access to his assault rifle — would kill himself.

Case history

Stamm was originally facing 12 criminal charges – six felonies and six misdemeanors – when he made his first court appearance in February.

The other seven charges were ultimately dismissed but read into the court record, which means a judge can consider them during sentencing, as part of a plea agreement.

Among those charges was a felony count of resisting an officer and causing substantial bodily harm. That charge arose because one police officer injured himself while trying to avoid potentially being shot by Stamm.

Police shot but did not kill Stamm after he ignored commands to drop the rifle and pointed it at three officers, the complaint said. Those officers fired 12 rounds, and Stamm suffered three gunshots wounds as a result – though all three were caused by the same bullet, according to the complaint.

A woman in a nearby home suffered a minor injury from debris caused by one of the stray bullets that ended up in her kitchen.

Carter ruled that Stamm owes that woman about $720 in restitution. Carter also determined Stamm owed about $12,000 to two insurance companies for the incident, court records show.

Probation conditions

In addition to the restitution payments, Carter also ordered Stamm to maintain absolute sobriety, submit to random drug screens and comply with any recommended mental health treatment deemed appropriate by his probation agent.

Records show he also owes the court about $2,240.

Several of Stamm's family members and loved ones said earlier this year that the standoff was sparked by Stamm's depression. They called for him to receive the help he needs when sentenced.

In a letter to the court, Stamm's mother also noted that "this incidence was 10 minutes in his life time and I will not let it discount all of the wonderful things he has done for his family and friends."

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