Victims in separate cases were related


A Waukesha man who inappropriately touched two girls – sisters – and had a sizable collection of child pornography was sentenced Monday, Dec. 19, to eight years in prison.

Waukesha County Circuit Judge Ralph Ramirez imposed the sentence on 43-year-old Robert Stryker, who for a time also lived in Oconomowoc. The sentencing concluded two pending criminal cases against Stryker.

A jury found Stryker guilty of first-degree sexual assault of a child late last week, online court records show, and he pleaded guilty in January to one count of child porn possession. Ramirez decided to withhold sentencing until both cases wrapped up.

Coincidentally, the cases involved a pair of underage sisters who knew Stryker while he was living at a home in the 2200 block of Harris-Highland Drive.

Stryker groped the younger girl, who was 6 at the time, while they were watching a movie together. The girl was sitting on Stryker's lap, a criminal complaint said, and he put his hands inside her pants and touched her crotch.

About two months later, Stryker kissed the victim's older sister – then 16 – without her consent on the cheek. A few days later, police discovered Stryker's stash of dozens of images of child pornography.

Styker apologized to the girl for kissing her shortly after the incident occurred, according to a separate criminal complaint, but he had previously told his wife that he was battling an addiction to child porn. He was charged with child porn possession in September 2014.

The assault on the 6-year-old predated the discovery of Stryker's child porn collection, but investigators were unaware of it prior to the girl's confession about it almost a year later.

Sentence details

In addition to the prison term, Ramirez sentenced Stryker to eight years of extended supervision.

Court records indicate that the conditions of that supervision include a ban on contact with anyone under the age of 16, monitored computer and internet access and sex offender treatment.

Ramirez also ordered Stryker to register as a sex offender.

Records show that Stryker is allowed contact with his own children under the terms of pending divorce proceedings. His wife filed for divorce about two months before the child porn possession allegations surfaced.

The next hearing in that case is scheduled for early January.

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