Stolen chalices recovered in Milwaukee, police say


Waukesha police over the weekend apprehended two suspects for a burglary at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in which two chalices were reported stolen.

According to a department news release, police arrested the men in part with community assistance, which they sought last Thursday, Jan. 19.

Charges against the suspects, who were not named or identified by gender, are pending, said Capt. Dan Baumann in an email. Charges against the men may appear on Wednesday, Jan. 25.

Police originally responded to a report of a burglary at St. Joseph's, 818 N. East Ave., around 5 a.m. Jan. 16. By the time officers arrived, the suspects had already fled with a safe from the church containing two chalices.

The department later solicited the community for aid in the investigation. The chalices were recovered Monday night, Jan. 24 in Milwaukee, according to police.

"We would like to again thank members of the community for having the moral courage to assist the police department in bringing closure and recovery to St. Joseph’s Catholic Church," Baumann said in the release.

"I am very proud of the tenacity and dedication that was once again demonstrated by these fine officers/investigators," he added.

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