A West Allis man who filmed women using the bathroom at the University of Wisconsin-Waukesha and told police he spent weeks doing so has been barred by court order from the campus.

That was part of the sentence handed down Thursday, Jan. 19, to 23-year-old Jacob Laurishke by Waukesha County Circuit Judge Ralph Ramirez. Laurishke pleaded no contest during the same hearing to one misdemeanor count of invasion of privacy, for which Ramirez found him guilty, online court records show.

Ramirez withheld a sentence for Laurishke in favor of one year of probation, the conditions of which include the ban from UW-Waukesha and prohibit Laurishke from having any contact with his victims.

According to a criminal complaint, Laurishke said he liked to watch and listen to women using the bathroom and did so frequently at the college.

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Two women told police that they believed they were being recorded in early May 2015 while using the bathroom at the school by a Nintendo 3DS, which is capable of taking pictures and videos.

Laurishke reportedly said that around the same time he had been going inside women's restrooms at the university about two times per day for approximately three weeks.

According to the complaint, Laurishke said the May incident was the first time he had recorded a woman using the restroom with his Nintendo DS device. He also admitted to recording women using the bathroom at the school by setting up the camera in one of the restrooms in a stall facing down toward the sinks.

Laurishke also said in the complaint that he wanted to capture audio of women using the bathroom and did so as "a sexual fetish."

Police examined the Nintendo device and found the videos, the complaint said. He was charged in September 2015.

Other conditions of his probation include a ban on possessing any device capable of taking pictures and/or videos except as authorized by is probation agent, who must have unlimited access to such devices, and appropriate treatment.

Online court records note that Laurishke is diagnosed with autism and specify that any treatment recommended for him must be carefully considered.

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