A Richfield man who nearly strangled his wife to death and seriously injured a Waukesha police officer in a spasm of violence last January at the Country Springs Hotel has been found guilty of crimes related to the incident.

Jeffrey Schultz, 49, pleaded no contest on Feb. 2  in Waukesha County Circuit Court via an Alford plea to first-degree reckless injury and resisting an officer, causing substantial bodily harm/soft tissue injury. Judge Ralph Ramirez found him guilty the same day. Ramirez is scheduled to sentence Schultz on April 13.

An Alford plea is a guilty plea of a defendant who proclaims he or she is innocent of a crime, but admits that the prosecution has enough evidence to prove that he or she is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Schultz was charged on Jan. 27, 2016, with a host of felony and misdemeanor offenses about four days after an argument between him and his former wife reportedly lead to an almost fatal case of domestic violence.

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According to a criminal complaint, Schultz threatened to kill his ex-wife during the fight, choked her and repeatedly slammed her head against a wall inside a room at Country Springs, 2810 Gold Road.

The complaint noted the victim was "extremely close" to having her neck snapped and dying from the strangulation.

A police officer was injured while trying to arrest Schultz after the victim's daughter reported the incident to police. The complaint said Schultz, who weighs 550 pounds, fell on the officer's left leg and pinned him to the ground during a struggle. That officer had to be carried away from the scene after he said he felt a "strong popping sensation" in his knee.

As a result, Schultz was facing 10 criminal charges. The remaining eight – two strangulation and suffocation counts; intimidating a victim with the use or attempted force; intimidating a witness/threatening force; false imprisonment; battery; disorderly conduct; and resisting or obstructing an officer – were dismissed but read into the court record, which means Ramirez can consider them during sentencing.

Schultz is facing up to 31 years in prison and $110,000 in fines. Online court records show that he is incarcerated at the Waukesha County Jail.

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