1 An anonymous caller reported an intoxicated man was laying on the playground at Horeb Spring Park, 400 Spring St., before "migrating" to the park shelter around 3:17 p.m. March 26. According to a police report, officers advised the man, who is homeless, about social service shelters in the area.

2 Police advised a man who was reportedly fishing for cigarette butts in a planter outside a BP gas station, 1605 Summit Ave., on his behavior around 2:23 a.m. March 27.

3 No injuries were reported in a multi-vehicle accident after a large truck ran a red light around 7:12 a.m. March 27 near S. East Avenue and Highway 164. A police report said a 17-year-old girl was "very shaken up" by the crash but appeared unharmed.

4 A woman told police her neighbor in an apartment complex in the 700 block of Morgan Avenue was yelling at her "every time she moved" in her apartment and ringing her doorbell "at odd hours" around 8:54 a.m. March 27. Officers advised the woman to speak to her landlord about the issues, a police report said.

5 An anonymous caller reported seeing a woman standing at the side of the road screaming "come and get some of this" to a passerby or passing vehicles around 1:51 p.m. March 27 in the 500 block of North Moreland Boulevard. She did not appear to be injured or in distress when officers arrived, a police report said, and she walked back into her residence without speaking to them.

6 A father and his son told police they were working on a school project after an anonymous caller reported the two were drag racing around 4:37 p.m. March 27 outside the Flight for Life hangar near Crites Field in the 2600 block of Aviation Drive. According to a police report, the man and his son said their speeds never exceeded 35 mph. No citations were issued.

7 Police advised a group of people about safety practices after officers found them "parkouring" on bridges and stonework around the Fox River near the Salty Toad, 921 Friedman Drive, around 7:08 p.m. March 27.

8 An unidentified person broke into a local AT&T store around 1:15 a.m. March 28 in the 2200 block of East Moreland Boulevard. Glass was broken on the south side of the building, and a motion detector was tripped inside the store, a police report said, but no one was there when officers arrived.

9 A man reportedly pulled a handgun on a caller during a road-rage incident around 1:51 p.m. March 28 in the 200 block of East Sunset Drive. The caller told police that the man said, "Do you think I'm some sort of punk?" then flashed the gun, an incident report said. The man was gone by the time police arrived, the report said.

10 A police officer noticed a man who previously suffered a brain injury having some trouble walking around 9:27 p.m. March 28 in the 200 block of East Sunset Drive. According to a police report, the officer helped him along until the man's ride arrived.

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11 An anonymous caller reported that a man urinated in some trash bins behind Ashton Arts Studio and Gallery, 346 W. Main St., around 5:17 p.m. March 29. A police report said the caller only wanted officers to check on the well-being of the man and advise him of his behavior. He was advised and moved a long, the report said.

12 A woman told police around 9:03 p.m. March 29 that she found a smelly "bag of drugs" in a used car she purchased from a car dealer. When officers arrived at the woman's home in the 1900 block of Bonnie Lane, they discovered the bag was full of mothballs not drugs, a police report said.

13 A car was broken into prior to 6:53 a.m. March 30 in the 1300 block of Josephine Street and the owner's work gear, prescriptions, CDs and tools were stolen. No leads were mentioned in a police report.

14 Police arrested a woman for intoxicated driving around 2:32 p.m. March 30 in the 2700 block of North Grandview Boulevard after she reportedly drove over a curb and hit another car. A police report said the driver, who asked the other driver if she hit the vehicle, said the woman was "slow and out of it" after the crash. The report did not indicate whether the woman was cited or criminally charged.

15 Staff at Husco International, 2239 Pewaukee Road, asked police to help them disperse a large number of teenagers who showed up at the company around 8:09 p.m. March 30 searching for an "extremely rare" Pokemon as part of the mobile Pokemon Go game. The teenagers were gone when officers arrived, according to a police report, but more cars filed into the business looking for the Pokemon. They were all sent on their way without incident, the report said.

16 A woman told police her local cab driver was driving recklessly before he dropped her off around 12:05 p.m. March 31 in the 1200 block of Fleetfoot Drive. The woman said in an incident report that the driver nearly struck a semi truck and when she asked him to slow down he reportedly responded by telling her about baseball cards from the police department.

17 Police arrested a woman for intoxicated driving after she reportedly tried to walk away from a two-car accident she was involved in around 2:54 p.m. March 31 near Coral Drive and Highway 164. No one was injured in the crash, a police report said.

18 Police arrested a man reportedly involved in a sexual assault around 5:44 p.m. March 31 behind BP gas station, 500 Arcadian Ave. No additional information about the victim or incident was included in a police report.

19 A man reportedly fell unconscious for six hours in a booth at McDonald's, 1425 S. West Ave., from around midnight to 6 a.m. April 1. According to a police report, staff at the restaurant asked police to remove the man, who they said was "breathing but not waking up."

20 A railroad crossing arm came down and hit a truck around 12:36 p.m. April 1 near North Hartwell Avenue and East Main Street. A police report did not specify whether or how severely the truck was damaged.

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