Waukesha police have announced the release of another homeless sex offender in the city.

According to a news bulletin issued May 2, Mark Huber, 57, was scheduled to meet with authorities upon his release and will be under GPS monitoring. He is a lifetime sex offender registrant.

Court records indicate Huber was convicted in 1993 of burglary and third-degree sexual assault. According to the bulletin, he broke into a home, found a woman sleeping naked inside then fondled and groped her. He also exposed his genitals to strangers on "numerous occasions," the bulletin said.

Huber does not have a listed address, and because the state Department of Correction's probation and parole office is in Waukesha, at 1900 Pewaukee Road, when homeless sex offenders are released they are by default set free here.

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The bulletin said Huber is prohibited from having any unsupervised contact with minors, cannot patronize taverns, bars or liquor stores, and cannot purchase, possess or consume alcohol or illegal drugs. If he violates the terms of his lifetime registry, or the GPS conditions, he will be taken back into custody.

He is the fourth homeless sex offender released in the city so far this year.

The location of the DOC's probation and parole office and the case of Kenneth McDonald – a homeless sex offender who was arrested less than a day after he was released for violating the terms of his supervision – last year led local alderman to increase the distance sex offenders are allowed to live in proximity to local schools and parks.

The police department's crime prevention/community relations bureau is available to help residents set up "block watch" groups and provide information on personal safety. Crime prevention may be reached at 262-524-3769.

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