Co-defendant sentenced to 6 years for role in the stickups


Anthony Deleon will spend the next decade of his life behind bars for his role in a pair of armed gas station robberies earlier this year, a Waukesha County Circuit judge ruled recently.

Judge Ralph Ramirez sentenced Deleon, 29, on July 5 to 10 years in prison and five years on extended supervision for the crimes. Deleon pleaded guilty to two counts of armed robbery in April.

He and 22-year-old Mitchell Gamroth, also of Waukesha, were charged in January for the robberies, which occurred over a five-day span earlier that month. Court records indicate Gamroth pleaded guilty in May to one count of armed robbery and was sentenced July 7 to six years in prison.

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According to a criminal complaint, Deleon and Gamroth used a BB gun to rob a local BP and Clark gas station. Both times Deleon pointed the gun at the gas station clerk and demanded money while Gamroth loitered near the stations' convenience store entrances.

Deleon said in the complaint that he planned the robberies "on the fly" and used the cash he stole to feed his drug addiction. He added that the holdups were "all my idea. ... I was high already."

Deleon and Gamroth walked away with about $800 from BP and a little more than $300 from Clark.

According to court records, Ramirez ordered both men to pay a total of $1,123.08 in restitution to the stations.

After Gamroth serves his prison term, he will have to spend four years on extended supervision, Ramirez ruled.

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