There are reports of students being targeted due to race, religion and ethnicity


The Waukesha School District has received an increase in reports from students about harmful behavior and comments targeted at students because of their race, religion and ethnicity.

A Nov. 17  from Deputy Superintendent Joe Koch to Waukesha School District families emphasized that the district "will not tolerate discriminatory behavior, will investigate each event ... and will administer discipline accordingly."

"We have noticed an increase in threatening behavior over the past two weeks," Koch wrote in an email.

The letter to families stresses that "this behavior does not reflect our mission as a district, to educate and graduate students by providing equal access to quality education with high academic standards that develops socially responsible citizens with skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary for lifelong learning, higher education and employment, nor our expectations of our students."

The letter asks parents and families to reinforce the mission of the school district.

The letter follows an incident at Waukesha South High School involving a student pulling out a BB gun but not shooting. Director of Public Relations and Communication Terry Schuster said that incident is not thought to have been racially motivated.

"We address all behavior issues on a case-by-case basis and use our anti-bullying policies to guide us," said Koch.

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