The Waukesha County Business Alliance has a new talent and education manager, a position created to address the growing need for workforce and build a stronger connection between schools and businesses.

Robyn Ludtke was named for the new position on Wednesday, Feb. 8.

In partnership

According to a press release, the talent and education manager position will develop and lead initiatives that bolster the efforts of Waukesha County school districts in preparing students to be college and career ready. By acting as a conduit between businesses and educational institutions, the business organization seeks to strengthen the workforce pipeline for Waukesha County and southeastern Wisconsin.

“The Alliance is committed to building partnerships with businesses and schools to better promote exciting career opportunities throughout the county,” said Suzanne Kelley, president and CEO of the Waukesha County Business Alliance. “As we support schools with academic and career planning, we can further develop the talent pipelines that businesses are looking for in order to grow.”

Ludtke will also serve as a resource for the Waukesha County Center for Growth, the economic development organization for Waukesha County. Ludtke will work with businesses looking to expand and grow by connecting them to available workforce development organizations and resources.

“Continued workforce development and a robust pipeline of skilled workers are critical to Waukesha County’s economic growth,” said Tim Casey, director of economic development for the Center for Growth. “We are pleased to partner with the Alliance on this new position.”

Strong background

Prior to this role, Ludtke served as a development manager for the United Performing Arts Fund and senior marketing coordinator for Ruekert & Mielke Inc. She previously worked with the Waukesha County Business Alliance as an events and program manager.

“I am thrilled to have the chance to help connect the business community with their local educational institutions,” Ludtke said. “It’s time to focus on education and workforce development as the key to growing Waukesha County’s future and place an emphasis on the skills that are needed to grow the workforce of tomorrow.”

Ludtke is serves as a district board trustee for the Waukesha County Technical College and vice president of community development for Lake Country Youth Baseball Softball.

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