Wearing a Milwaukee Brewers jacket and a smile, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker visited Waukesha South High School on Monday, April 3, to meet with students and faculty and education leaders.

The purpose of the stop was to encourage everyone to call on Legislature to support his proposed $649 million increase for all Wisconsin K-12 schools.

According to a press release from Gov. Walker's office, the budget would also lift the state’s K-12 investment to $11.5 billion over two years, an all-time high.

““Our budget places a high priority on student success and workforce development, and it’s receiving overwhelming support from people across our state. I thank all of the school leaders who are here with us today to support our budget," Walker said in the release.

The Waukesha School District is estimated to receive more than $130 million in funding from the state under Walker’s biennial budget. This includes an increase of $7,624,896 in per pupil aid. Walker’s budget increases per-pupil funding by $200  in fiscal year 2018 and $204 per pupil in fiscal year 2019 – the largest increase since the 2005-2007 biennium.

John Ashley, executive director of Wisconsin Association of School Boards, and Terri Phillips, executive director of the Southeastern Wisconsin Schools Alliance, were in support of the school funding proposal.

“This increase doesn’t solve all of our budget issues, but it goes a long way in helping our districts serve student’s needs and meet their community’s expectations of providing an excellent public education for their children," Phillips said in the release.

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