CORE 2062, the robotics team from the Waukesha School District, won the Seven Rivers Regional in La Crosse on Saturday, April 15, with their two alliance partner teams from Missouri and Illinois.

Next, the team is headed to the World Festival Robotics Championship in St. Louis on April 26-29, according to a press release.

CORE 2062 also won the Rockwell Automation Innovation in Control Award, which celebrates an innovative control system or application of control components – electrical, mechanical, or software – to provide unique machine functions.

The team was also awarded an Underwriters Laboratory Hard Hat Award, which recognizes the top three safest teams at an event. During the afternoon matches on Saturday, CORE 2062 and their alliance scored the current penalty-free highest score in the world.

After the regional in Milwaukee on March 23-25, the release said, the team made some modifications to the robot to better prepare for the regional in La Crosse. One major addition was a floor pick-up for the gears so the robot could get gears from both the feeder station as well as loose ones on the floor.

The Seven Rivers Regional in La Crosse had 51 teams in attendance. CORE 2062 seeded in third place and was selected by the first place team to join them in their alliance for the elimination rounds on Saturday afternoon.

This year’s robotics game, FIRST Steamworks, was a steampunk theme in which robots carried gears to airships, loaded fuel cell balls into boiler systems, and at the end of the game the robots climbed a rope to make the airship ready for takeoff.

Each team has two drivers who control the robot as well as one human player to receive and load gears in the airship, and one human player to load gears and fuel cell balls onto the robot.

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