A Waukesha man with a long criminal background who has already spent time at multiple prisons in Wisconsin in recent years — but also got off on probation only to reoffend — is now spending more time behind bars.

Robert K. Stein, who had been on probation for a previous conviction, was sentenced by Judge Lee S. Dreyfus to 18 months in state prison and another six months of extended supervision for resisting or obstructing an officer last August during a disorderly conduct incident at a homeless encampment in Waukesha.

Three other charges — strangulation and suffocation, a felony, and misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct were dismissed but read into the record as part of a plea agreement.

Dead-end trouble

According to the complaint, Stein, 54, allegedly battered a woman at the encampment near a dead end of Lincoln Avenue, on Waukesha's east side along the New Berlin Recreational Trail. Officers found "extensive bruising" on her face and arms from the previous day.

The victim said Stein, who was "incredibly intoxicated," battered her with his fists, punching her numerous times, and grabbed her arms with enough force to cause bruising.

When officers were speaking with the victim, Stein became agitated and had to be ordered to stay in his chair. When he continued to disobey their commands, officers eventually called for backup and eventually were forced to bring Stein to the ground after he tried to pull away, the complaint said.

Because Stein reportedly admitted to having consumed 30 beers that day, police determined he was in violation of his parole from a previous conviction.

Past incidents

Stein was previously found guilty of escape-criminal arrest, a felony, in January 2014. He was sentenced in March 2014 to one year in state prison at the Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution in Plymouth and two years of extended supervision. As part of his supervision, he was to maintain absolute sobriety and not possess alcohol.

Stein, who previously lived at 600 E. North St. in Waukesha, was previously charged on Oct. 1, 2013, with felony bail jumping, misdemeanor operating while intoxicated-third offense, possession of a switchblade knife and misdemeanor operating with a prohibited alcohol content-third offense.

He was found guilty of the OWI-third offense charge and was sentenced to eight months at the local Huber jail facility with standard release conditions. Judge Kathryn W. Foster ordered his driver's license be revoked for three years, beginning on March 19, 2014.

He was also previously convicted on March 16, 2012, of misdemeanor bail jumping and was given a six-month jail sentence. However, that sentence stayed by Foster in favor of an 18-month probation term.

Stein, whose address was then at 430 Wisconsin Ave. in Waukesha, was also sentenced by Foster that day for disorderly conduct and was given 60 and 30-day sentences for offenses he committed in January and February that year. He served those sentences consecutively at the Huber facility.

Four years earlier, Stein was charged with resisting or obstructing an officer, and Judge Robert G. Mawdsley ordered him to 147 days in jail, beginning in March 2009. A disorderly conduct charge was dismissed but read into the record.

In the early to mid-2000s, Stein was charged with two separate counts of resisting or obstructing an officer. After pleading guilty in both cases, Judge John F. Foley stayed a two-year prison sentence in favor of three years probation. A disorderly conduct charge was dismissed in both instances.

Later that year, he was found guilty of felony battery-substantial bodily harm (domestic abuse). Two bail jumping and disorderly conduct charges were dismissed but read into the record. A three-year prison sentence was once again stayed in favor of two years extended supervision and three years probation.

According to online court records, his extended supervision was revoked on Dec. 21, 2006, and was ordered to two months in state prison.

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