The property at 307 E. Main St., known as the Volney L. Moore House, is currently being renovated with the hopes that it can either be sold or turned into commercial rental property in the future, according to the owner.

Real estate investor Stephen Green said work to stabilize the structure's three-story tower, which has had scaffolding around it for months, has slowed the renovation process.

'The tower was falling down and was about to crash,' he said. 'Once the tower is done, we have to look inside and see what will work and see what is best.'

Green said he planned the tower to be complete a year ago and now expects it to be done within the next two or three months.

'Why it's taking so long I don't understand, but things happen,' he said.

The Italianate cream city brick building was built in 1877 by Dr. Volney L. Moore for $4,500, according to State Historical Society of Wisconsin. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places. Green said he plans to either sell it or turn into commercial rental space.

'Probably more than likely it will be something along the lines of office space,' he said.

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