An eight-month road construction project on Highway 18 (East Moreland Boulevard) in Waukesha is under way.

Resurfacing work began on Monday, March 14, at Highway 18 from Manhattan Drive to Interstate 94. Construction is scheduled to last until November.

East Moreland Boulevard will remain open to traffic during construction with temporary lane shifts and changes in how customers access businesses, driveways and cross streets.

To accommodate construction, some lanes will be closed at various times. Access to businesses will be maintained except for short periods to pave driveways. Median openings to residential streets will also remain open most of the time.

The $8.9 million project will lengthen turn lanes, incorporate median improvements and reconfigure the intersection of Kossow Road and Abbott Drive.

Safety improvements will also include minor geometric modifications at certain intersections and traffic signal modifications.

Turn lanes are planned at the Moreland Boulevard/Kossow Road intersection.

This year's road construction is the final segment in a three-stage reconstruction project along Highway 18/Moreland Boulevard in Waukesha.

Questions should be directed to Mark Wilfert, Wisconsin Department of Transportation project manager, at (262) 548-5936 or and Michael Pyritz, WisDOT southeast region communications manager, at (262) 521-5373 or

Downtown project

Meanwhile, the contractor continues to work on the underground utilities in the intersection of West Main Street and West Broadway in downtown.

Alex Damien, project manager for the city's public works department, said crews finished the sanitary sewer relay down all five legs of the intersection and this week are working on installing new water main down all five legs.

'The work is going well and the plan to complete the sanitary sewer and water relay in the intersection and reopen by Friday, March 18, is currently on track,' Damien said.

Damien added a subcontractor is starting the preliminary work for the sanitary later lining on West Main Street between Clinton Street and West Broadway. Damien said this preliminary work won't interrupt sanitary sewer service.

This project is expected to last five months and includes reconstruction of West Main Street from Clinton to North Barstow streets. The project is part of a seven-year overhaul of downtown's roads and streetscapes.

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