Kathleen Cummings was tested slightly more than the other two Waukesha supervisors who were facing challengers for their county board seats.

But like her colleagues, Cummings, who has served on the Waukesha County Board for 16 years, was elected to another two-year term after defeating challenger Mike Payne with 54.1 percent of the vote in District 19.

Cummings received 2,438 votes, to Payne's 2,048 or 45.5 percent.

District 19 covers the eastern and southeastern sections of the city of Waukesha, but also a small section on the east side of downtown.

Cummings, who is also an alderwoman in the city of Waukesha, is a strong advocate for the county's historical buildings, especially the one-time Moor Mud Baths Resort.

She fought hard over the last several years to have the building, which last served as Waukesha County's Health and Human Services building, preserved and repurposed as senior housing.

'Preserving historic structures is sound economic development,' she said.

Cummings, 60, has been a county supervisor since 1999.


Kathleen Cummings (inc.) 2,438

Mike Payne 2,048

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