The final member of a Waukesha family who participated in a drug operation from a southwest-side home last year has been sentenced to more than one year behind bars.

Andrew M. Wapp Jr., 51, will spend the next 15 months in prison after being found guilty of possessing with the intent to deliver narcotics. Judge Ralph Ramirez also sentenced Wapp Jr. on March 28 to 24 months of extended supervision.

Two other charges — maintaining a drug trafficking place and resisting or obstructing an officer — were dismissed but read into the record as part of a plea agreement with the state.

As conditions of his extended supervision, Wapp Jr. must submit to alcohol and other drug abuse assessments and follow through with any recommended treatment. He is ordered to not use or possess alcohol or illegal drugs/drug paraphernalia and must comply with random urine screens.

He will also follow through with any treatment and/or counseling recommended by his probation and parole agent.

Family involvement

His sentence comes more than a year after Wapp Jr. and his family were implicated during a sting operation. Wapp Jr.'s son, Andrew Wapp III, and wife, Sylvia Wapp, sold drugs to an undercover detective in a parking lot of a nearby shopping center in January 2015.

Subsequently, evidence of a drug operation surfaced during a search warrant at the Wapp's home at 1404 Oakdale Drive. Neighbors also later told police, according to the criminal complaint, that the Wapps were selling drugs from the home for many years.

Both Wapp parents and their children received 50- to 200-mg morphine sulfate capsules from someone in Milwaukee and secured them in safes until they were sold, the complaint said.

Inside Wapp Jr.'s bedroom, many empty prescription medication bottles were found in a safe. A pill container containing several 200-mg morphine sulfate capsules was also found inside the bedroom.

Wapp Jr. said in the complaint he had an old prescription of morphine pills and would help friends by selling the pills for $50 apiece. He said his friends would come to the house to get the pills. He told officers the family was not getting rich selling the drugs, but Social Security didn't pay enough and he needed to make ends meet, according to the complaint.

During the search warrant, Wapp Jr. refused to follow commands and resisted arrest until officers finally handcuffed him.

Serving sentences

Sylvia Wapp, 51, received a one-year jail term last July, but on Feb. 20 the court ended the balance of the sentence for supervision and monitoring through the Waukesha Day Report Center at the county's Huber Jail facilities. The center provides programming for adults after conviction. Sylvia Wapp is reporting to the Day Report Center for 90 days.

Wapp Jr.'s daughter, Jessica Wapp, 27, is serving three years of probation for her role in the drug operation. She will be eligible for early release after two years if it is deemed appropriate by her agent.

Andrew Wapp III, 29, meanwhile, is spending the most time behind bars. Wapp III, who pleaded guilty in May to manufacturing and delivering narcotics, was sentenced in June to six years in state prison and another four years of extended supervision.

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