1 Two individuals, possibly teenagers, snatched a woman's purse around 10:04 a.m. April 23 in the 800 block of North East Avenue and ran away with it. The purse was later recovered, but the money inside was gone.

2 Some apparently errant tree trimming April 23 resulted in a branch falling on and damaging a resident's home around 1:40 p.m. in the 1800 block of Waterview Lane. Police informed both parties the damage was a civil issue and should be taken up with the tree-trimming company.

3 Residents in the 700 block of South Grand Avenue had to pull a woman out of the middle of the road around 2:26 p.m. April 23 after the woman laid down there. According to a police report, the woman was suffering from a mental breakdown. She was returned to her home in the 200 block of Wabash Avenue.

4 An anonymous caller told police he saw a man get out of his parked car around 10:33 p.m. April 23 and urinate behind the vehicle in the 300 block of West Newhall Avenue. The caller also said the man was parked in someone else's spot outside an apartment complex, but later moved his car.

5 A department of public works employee told police he found a 'good amount' of blood inside a public women's bathroom near a school in the 1100 block of Baxter Street around 12:05 a.m. April 24. The employee said in a police report that he did not find anything in the bathroom that could explain where the blood came from.

6 A 45-year-old man was injured in a rollover accident around 4:48 a.m. April 24 at Sentinel Drive and South West Avenue. A police report did not list the cause of the accident, but said the man suffered a cut on his face as a result.

7 A resident in the 800 block of Lincoln Avenue called police around 9:38 a.m. April 24 to report that both driver's side tires on his car had been punctured overnight. The man told police he suspected his ex-girlfriend was the vandal.

8 Two men tried to pay for several items at the Grand Petro and Food Mart, 304 N. Grand Ave., with a counterfeit $100 bill around 1:15 p.m. April 24. When a clerk refused the phony bill, the men threatened to return at closing time and 'get' the clerk. The clerk asked an officer to stand by when he closed the store.

9 A 50-year-old man crashed his car into a ditch around 3:34 a.m. April 25 near Silvernail Road and North University Drive, but apparently fled the area before police arrived. The man was not identified, but his car was winched out of the ditch and towed.

10 A good Samaritan found a bag with money inside it at Saratoga Park, 301 S. Prairie Ave., around 8:09 p.m. April 25 and called to turn it over to police. The owner of the bag was also at the park and picked it up.

11 An employee at LindenGrove, 425 N. University Drive, reportedly threatened to shoot one of her co-workers in the face around 11:20 a.m. April 26. When police arrived, the employee denied making the threats but was fired and left the property.

12 Someone stole an unidentified sum of money from the Badger Region Volleyball Association, 2831 N. Grandview Blvd., recently, but no suspects have been identified. A BRVA representative reported the theft around 11:34 a.m. April 26.

13 A drone struck a resident's home in the 1100 block of Cherrywood Drive around 5 a.m. April 27. The woman said she heard something strike her house and later found the drone. Officers could not determine who owned the drone.

14 A woman told police around 7 p.m. April 27 that her boyfriend was punched in the face by a former girlfriend while visiting with his children at the ex-girlfriend's house in the 600 block of Linden Street. A police report did not indicate whether the woman might face charges as a result.

15 An 18-year-old man shoved a screw through his wrist with his own hand around 8:28 p.m. April 27 in the 1400 block of Delafield Street. According to a police report, the man was upset following an argument with his mother and forced the screw through his wrist to 'relieve stress.' The man, who suffers from mental illnesses, was rushed to the hospital.

16 Approximately 30 juveniles showed up around 9 p.m. April 27 at an apartment complex in the 100 block of Klips Court to beat up a teenager. A police report did not specify a motive for the beating, but said the teenager did not tell police who rounded up the group because he didn't want to 'rat out' anyone.

17 A resident in the 1700 block of Minor Lane asked police to be more proactive against 'Muslims' and 'Indians' around 1:08 p.m. April 28 because he was concerned some personal information he used in an online job search was going to be used against him by 'terrorists.' The man said his accounts had not been hacked, according to a police report, but demanded action anyway.

18 The finer points of Waukesha West High School football apparently are a hotly debated topic. The football program sparked an argument that turned into a brief scuffle between a man and a woman around 9:50 p.m. April 28 in a parking lot near Safeco Insurance, 379 W. Main St. Neither were seriously injured or pursued charges against the other.

19 A male guest at Country Springs, 2810 Golf Road, threatened to beat up a security guard at the hotel after the guard told the man about a noise complaint against him around 3:37 a.m. April 29. The man was escorted out of the hotel by police and told he would be arrested if he returned to the hotel lobby.

20 A woman drove off after her car crashed into the rear end of another vehicle around 6:53 a.m. April 29 near Madison Street and Merrill Hills Road. The woman reportedly told the driver of the other vehicle, 'Sorry, my brakes went out,' then took off.

21 Two women reportedly solicited sex to a man around 9:02 a.m. April 29 at the Baymont Inn and Suites, 2111 E. Moreland Blvd. According to a police report, a security guard at the hotel overheard one of the women accuse the man of stealing her money and called police. The man told officers when they arrived the women were seeking money for prostitution, but said he 'wasn't into that.' The women could not be located.

22 A woman called police around 9 p.m. April 29 to report that signs, declaring her support for presidential hopeful and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, in her yard in the 1100 block of East Wabash Avenue, had been stolen. The woman did not have any suspects in mind.

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