Summer is construction season, and orange barrels and detour signs are already out en masse around the city.

They'll be sticking around for several months, so residents should be prepared for delays, road closures and consider alternate routes when possible.

Below is a list of road construction projects the city has begun and are scheduled to be completed in 2016. The numbers below correspond with the map above. Cost estimates for all the projects were not immediately available.

City of Waukesha

1) West Main Street between Clinton Street and West Barstow Street will be closed to thru-traffic through the end of July.

· The city will complete underground utility and road reconstruction work there. The project is expected to cost $2.5 million.

· Motorists can use Broadway Street/Wisconsin Avenue to circumvent the closure.

2) A lengthy project along Moreland Boulevard/Highway 18, from East North Street to Interstate 94, began in March.

· Work on the project will encompass road reconstruction, rehabilitation of utilities, installation of a new storm sewer, longer turn lanes, median improvements and a reconfiguration of the intersection of Kossow Road and Abbott Drive.

· Highway 18 from Manhattan Drive to I-94 will remain open to traffic with some lane reductions, but Moreland from North Street and St. Paul Avenue to Manhattan will be closed to through-traffic for the duration of the project. Residents driving eastbound on Moreland should turn right on North then left on Barstow Street to Main Street or St. Paul Avenue to circumvent the closures. Those traveling westbound on Moreland should use Main and St. Paul as a way around the construction.

· The portion of the project from Moreland to Manhattan has a scheduled completion date of Oct. 26. The work from Manhattan to the interstate is expected to be complete by November.

· The project is expected to cost around $5.2 million.

3) East Sunset Drive will be widened from two lanes to four approximately 600 feet east of Tenny Avenue to Les Paul Parkway.

· The project involves the reconstruction and widening of East Sunset Drive, relocation and installation of utilities and the improvement of cross walks, curb ramps, and sidewalks to Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

· Traffic will be maintained on Sunset but short-term closures of Camden Way and Gramling Lane are expected.

· The project will begin in late May and should be complete in fall, and will cost around $1.6 million.

4) Phase two of the water main replacement along Les Paul Parkway began last month and is scheduled to be complete by the beginning of October.

· The project consists of installation of about 15,000 feet of water main, ranging in diameter size from 8 inch to 24 inch, near Les Paul and Sunset Drive and progress north to East Broadway, then west on East Broadway to Oriole Drive.

· When work needs to be done in the median, the inside lane of both northbound and southbound traffic will be closed.

5) Work continues on the installation and rehabilitation of utilities in Summit Avenue from about 300 feet east of North Moreland Boulevard to Delafield Street and Delafield Street from Spring Street to Madison and North streets.

· The project will include a water main removal and replacement, storm sewer addition and replacement, sanitary sewer lining, sanitary sewer lateral lining, traffic signal replacement at Delafield and Spring streets and Madison and North and a road reconstruction.

· The work must be completed by Sept. 30 and is expected to cost $5.2 million.

· Summit will be closed to through traffic throughout the project from Moreland to Delafield Street and Delafield from Spring Street to Madison and North. The intersection at North Washington Avenue and Spring and Delafield streets will remain open to thru-traffic with a minimum of one lane in each direction.

6) Water main modifications along South Grand Avenue between Hoover and Estberg avenues is scheduled to be complete June 3.

· This project consists of moving all of the existing water service connections onto the 12-inch water main and abandoning the 6-inch main.

· The northbound lane of Grand will be detoured for the duration of the project but the southbound lane will remain open.

Waukesha County projects

7) A project at County Highway JJ and Silvernail Road will be started some time in June and is expected to be finished by September.

· The county is making turn lane improvements there and the intersection will be open to regular traffic.

· The project has an estimated cost of $340,000.

8) A repaving project at County Highway I from County Highway H to 800 feet west of Wood Lilly Lane is expected to begin in June and last about a week.

· The estimated cost for the project is $200,000, and no road closures are anticipated.

Town of Waukesha

The town is in the process of accepting bids for road repair contracts.

Sealed bids must be returned in person, or by mail, to the town's clerk's office before 4 p.m. Wednesday, June 1. Bids could be awarded at the town board's June 9 meeting.

Contractors should indicate whether they are bidding on roadways that just need crack filling or locations that need crack filling and slag.

The roadways that are up for bid can be found on the town's website at

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