Economic development

group announced

Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow announced the award of the county's new Economic Development Organization (EDO) to the Waukesha County Business Alliance on Tuesday, May 24.

'Waukesha County is proud to award the new Economic Development Organization contract to the Waukesha County Business Alliance. Our work group spent a year researching best practices nationwide, and it's clear that the Business Alliance will be the best stewards of our plan,' said Farrow.

The new EDO will be a one-stop-shop for local businesses who want to expand in the city of Waukesha and throughout Waukesha County. It will provide workforce, financial and site selection assistance. It will also provide an organized strategy for connecting businesses with organizations that have the resources to provide that assistance.

Recycling program

produces tax relief

Communities that participate in the Waukesha County Recycling Program will receive a record level of funds for tax relief. With the addition of two new municipal partners this year and increased recycling tonnage, the total amount of dividend payments has been increased, adding up to over $1.75 million for 2015.

'Citizens in our 27 participating communities understand the value of recyclable material and the savings associated with diverting these resources from the landfill,' said Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow. 'Now that single sort recycling has simplified the process, people are recycling more than ever.'

A new single sort recycling system was introduced last year, allowing residents to place bottles, cans and paper in the same recycling containers. Since then, recycling tonnage has increased 34 percent, exceeding a three-year goal of 25 percent. The increase in recycling also resulted in communities diverting 13 percent more materials, over 10,000 tons, from landfill disposal, saving approximately $500,000 through reduced landfill disposal costs.

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