An anonymous messaging app used by students at Hawthorne Elementary School to bully each another and issue threats against the school is being removed from the school's iPads this week after the bullying and threats came to light, Hawthorne Principal Duy Nguyen said Tuesday.

Recently, several Hawthorne students reportedly received an anonymous threat via the app, called musical.ly, and a parent alerted school administration to the messages and triggered an investigation into the incident.

Waukesha police determined the threats were not credible, and Nguyen said in a letter to Hawthorne parents that his staff has "remained vigilant and continued to monitor student iPad usage and building-wide safety."

"We want to stress that these devices, while they are powerful tools for learning, also require monitoring by parents when the devices come home every evening," Nguyen continued. "Your support in reviewing your child’s online activity supports us all in keeping our students safe."

Those comments were echoed by the police department, which is continuing to investigate the incident.

"We are strongly encouraging parent involvement in the monitoring of personal and district devices as well as internet usage outside of school hours," said Capt. Dan Baumann in an email.

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