City, ranked 24th, was one of only two Wisconsin municipalities listed


A recent study from a financial news and opinion company, 24/7 Wall St., has found that Waukesha is among the nation's top 50 cities to live.

The study, which was published on Oct. 26, ranked the city No. 24 on its list. Waukesha was one of just two Wisconsin municipalities that made the cut; Appleton, ranked No. 39, was the other.

According to the study's authors, 24/7 Wall St. considered the roughly 550 cities that the U.S. Census Bureau reported as having populations of more than 65,000 residents in 2015. Only the top performing city in each county was considered in the ranking. Data were collected in nine major categories: crime, demography, economy, education, environment, health, housing, infrastructure, and leisure.

"While the cost of goods and services in the area is comparable with the average cost of living nationwide, the typical Waukesha household earns $60,734 annually, about $5,000 more than median household income nationwide," the study said. "Poverty is also relatively uncommon in Waukesha, with 9.2 percent of city residents living in poverty compared to 14.7 percent of Americans nationwide."

The study also noted that residents have numerous recreational and leisure amenities at their disposal, including a "high concentration of bars, movie theaters and golf courses."

A more detailed explanation of the authors' methodology can be found online at

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