As part of the Third Annual Local Spark Award, WEA Trust awarded the City of Waukesha a $3,000 grant for the Waukesha Community Canvas project, a city-wide art initiative.

“Our ultimate goal is to have thousands of citizen artists paint their favorite thing about Waukesha on a two-inch by two-inch canvas,” Special Project Coordinator at the City of Waukesha Community Development Department Sally Kahlfeldt said in her Local Spark submission.

The city will partner with the Waukesha Community Arts Project and a small team of local artists who will assemble the mini-art canvases into one large piece.

Over the summer, WEA Trust received dozens of project proposals from around Wisconsin, which were reviewed by a panel of four judges. The City of Waukesha was one of three local Spark Award winners chosen by the selection committee.

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