Local first-time voters choose Clinton as "lesser of two evils"


The election is history, and, according to election officials, the problems were limited in a high-turnout race spurred by a contentious presidential race – a race in which some folks at the polls admitted they disliked both candidates.

About 84 percent or slighty more of registered voters turned out at polls in the city and town of Waukesha, as well as Waukesha County.

According to the Wisconsin Election Commission, there were very few voting problems across the state. Locally, there were a few glitches.

Some Waukesha residents couldn't find themselves on the rolls and others did not present the right proof-of-residence documents, but by and large voting went smoothly in the city.

Lines at most of the city's 15 polling stations were not long throughout the day.

According to unofficial vote totals, Trump secured 60 percent of the votes in Waukesha County to Clinton's 33 percent. The only third-party candidate with more than 1 percent of the total was Libertarian Gary Johnson with 3.7 percent.

The margins in the Senate race between Ron Johnson and Russ Feingold were similar.

Johnson, who won the race, secured about 68 percent of the votes in Waukesha County to Feingold's 30 percent. Phillip Anderson tallied just about 2 percent.

First-time voters

Among the scores of residents who turned up at the polls were several young voters – many voting for the first time – who, according to several pre-election polls, became a political force during the long campaign season.

A few first-time voters in Waukesha all said they were a little disappointed that this presidential election was the first one they were able to participate in.

None of them liked Trump or Clinton, and two said they came away from the election feeling somewhat disenfranchised about the nature of politics in the United States.

'Moral obligation'

Voting was the first thing 20-year-old Ernie Steinz did on Election Day.

He was at his polling station, the Evangelical and Reformed United Church of Christ, 413 Wisconsin Ave., by 8 a.m. and did not have to wait long to vote.

Steinz, a junior at Carroll University, said he voted for Clinton as "the lesser of two evils."

"It's a terrible feeling," he added.

But it was the choice he felt he had to make because he said he had a "moral obligation" not to vote for Trump.

He said he was hopeful the next presidential election would be one he could be excited about, but he wasn't sure.

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'Civic duty'

Laura Sickley, 21, said she voted to fulfill her civic duty.

She also cast a ballot for Clinton as the lesser of two evils, but said she had not closely followed all the media coverage leading up to the election.

"I think she's the better candidate," Sickley explained.

She said she was excited about the election.

"It's been an interesting race," she said. "I want to see how it's going to pan out."

She added that she had been hopeful that during the next presidential election that the candidates would not focus as much on "the negatives."

Equality important

Another Carroll student, 19-year-old Shannon Zogran, said she voted for Clinton despite having some reservations about her as a candidate.

Equality for everyone was the most important issue for Zogran and essentially disqualified Trump, whom she described as "racist" and "sexist," from getting her vote.

But she wasn't thrilled with the other option at the top of the ticket either.

"I'm disappointed in the choice that I had (between Clinton and Trump)," she said. "It shows what's wrong with the two-party system in America."

She also said the likelihood of either Trump or Clinton winning re-election in four years scared her.

But she added that Clinton was "definitely qualified" for the job and emphasized how important Clinton becoming the first female president would be.

"That's something I really don't think was talked about enough during the campaign season," she said.

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