Impatient about the re-opening of Moreland Boulevard east of Frame Park? Well, one driver was, and, as a result, motorists will have to wait even longer.

It's not the only reason, but actions of the driver who removed barricades meant to keep traffic off an uncured stretch of concrete resulted in a damaged surface, which now has to be redone. The driver has been cited in that incident.

Another snafu – involving an emergency sanitary sewer repair in the intersection of Moreland and Whiterock Avenue – has given construction crews even more work to do.

The result: Moreland is now not expected to reopen until Dec. 2, two weeks later than the time frame previously listed and more than a month later than was initially anticipated last summer, city officials announced on Nov. 17.

The sewer work won't require construction crews to tear up any newly finished surfaces, but it will create some obstacles to fix the problem, officials noted in a press release. A failure in that sewer line was discovered this month, prompting crews to move equipment into place at the intersection while the line the sewer.

Concrete details

As for the other problem ...

City officials acknowledge that about 1,400 square yards of concrete will have to be removed and replaced due to structural damage to the road caused by the weight of vehicles on uncured cement along a 570-foot stretch.

The city won't have to pay additional costs to repair the damage, officials added, but the delay does put the work in what could be the onset of winter. The updated road schedule is weather dependent.

Until both problems emerged, crews seemed to be on pace to complete enough of the work for the road to re-open by Nov. 18, officials said. Crews had been working a bit extra – additional weekday and weekend hours, with additional concrete sub-contractors hired to finish concrete details – to meet that deadline.

Earlier delays

On the other hand, the city portion of the Moreland work – stretching from North Avenue to Manhattan Drive – hadn't exactly stayed on schedule prior to the latest incidents. The construction contract initially called for the project to be substantially complete by Oct. 28.

City officials subsequently approved an extension of that deadline due to defensible delays, which included a problem getting the necessary permits from Canadian National Railway and the Army Corps of Engineers as well as difficulties experienced in water main and sewer work.

"East Moreland Boulevard is a complicated project with a lot of underground work," City Project Engineer Margaret Liedtke said in October, when the project schedule was previously updated. "The progress of this work is hard to fully grasp, as people drive through the site."

The remaining work on Moreland further east is nearing completion. That work is under the direction of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and stretches from Highway 164 to Interstate 94. Crews were seen installing traffic signals this week and putting finishing touches on the project. State officials set no firm date on the project's completion, but the road has remained open since work began in March.

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