City residents will likely remember 2016 at least in part as the year they lost two locals who touched a seemingly countless number of lives.

Those two souls were Jeff Barta and Sally Michalko.

In memorial, here are all-too-brief summaries of their lives and accomplishments.

Jeff Barta

Jeff Barta, who co-owned the Nice Ash, 323 W. Main St., with his wife Joette since 2006, died in August at age 56 and was remembered for his dedicated service to the city – in particular the downtown – and his love of poker.

One local alderman said, "Jeff was an advocate and fixture not just for downtown Waukesha, but for the entire city."

Others remembered him for his fairness and gregarious spirit – and the weekly poker tournaments at Nice Ash.

He served on the former Waukesha Business Improvement District board and sometimes was the de facto voice for downtown business and property owners.

Sally Michalko

Sally Michalko, the former president of Plowshare, co-chairwoman of the Waukesha Education Foundation and retired Waukesha teacher, died in November at age 64..

"Sally was a wonderful educator, role model, and great friend to the district," said Waukesha School District Superintendent Todd Gray. "Her work with the Waukesha Education Foundation and other community organizations speaks volumes about the commitment to our schools and the community."

Michalko touched thousands of students’ and adult lives through all her volunteerism and work, and was remembered for her love of exploration.

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