City residents won't have to wait long to celebrate the new year with some new grub at two new local restaurants.

Owners of both the Waukesha Sobelman's and The Crepe Cafe said recently that they expect their businesses to open in January, adding two more restaurants to the city's cuisine repertoire.

Allison and Jimmy Dakolias, the Sobelman's franchisees, announced Thursday, Dec. 29 that the Waukesha Sobelman's, which will replace the Dakolias' Spurs Salloon at 332 Williams St., will have its grand opening on Jan. 3.

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Llazar Konda, the Crepe Cafe owner, said recently that he now expects that restaurant, which is next door to Konda's Mediterranean restaurant Meli, to also open in January. He did not specify an exact date.

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Sobelman's opening

Sobelman's is a Milwaukee-based restaurant group well-known for its burgers and blood Mary cocktails.

The Dakoliases announced in September that they had signed the necessary paperwork to become Sobelman's franchisees, and said they expected to have the restaurant open by the end of 2016.

The Waukesha Sobelman's will take over the space currently occupied by Spurs, a former train depot livery, directly across from La Estacion, the landmark Mexican eatery housed in a historic railroad depot.

The grand opening will feature a ribbon cutting ceremony and appearances from Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly and downtown Alderman Erik Helgestad among others. Sobelman's franchise owners Dave and Melanie Sobelman will also be there, according to post on the restaurant's Facebook page.

The Crepe Cafe

The Crepe Cafe, 290 W. Main St., will be a breakfast, brunch and lunch spot, primarily serving light, healthy food, coffee, fresh juices and a variety of desserts.

Konda announced his plans to open the restaurant in early November. It is immediately east of Meli, which Konda opened about 18 months ago at the Five Points downtown, though the two are separate ventures.

Konda, who is Greek, has said he wants the restaurant to have a smaller, European feel. The building was the former home of chef Jeff Oberholtzer's Smokey O's sandwich shop.

When renovated, it will seat 40 to 50 people, Konda said, and operate with about five employees, including Konda.

Outdoor seating during the warmer months is planned.

Konda has said he plans to operate the Crepe Cafe from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. every day, and reopen from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays "for the evening crowd."

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