Residents who aren't sure about how to dispose of their Christmas trees shouldn't worry: The city has the answer.

Waukesha's department of public works will begin collecting Christmas trees for disposal Jan. 2, according to a news release. The service, which will only run in January, does not have a set route or schedule, and plowing and other projects may take priority over collection.

Residents who would like their trees to be collected should leave them out on the curb. But, according to the release, only real trees that have been stripped of  lighting, decorations, tree stands or any other object and are not enclosed in any bags, twine or netting will be picked up.

Artificial trees or trees with decorations on them will not be collected.

According to the release, residents may also bring their trees to the drop-off center, 750 Sentry Drive, during open public hours, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, for no charge in January.

Other holiday trash tips

In addition to putting out the word about Waukesha's tree collection service, the city also issued a handful of recommendations for getting rid of other holiday refuse and recyclables.

According to the city, wrapping paper is not recyclable and should be put in the trash for the landfill. The same is true of old plastic kids' toys and holiday decorations. They are generally not recyclable and should be put in the garbage.

Christmas lights also should not be recycled. They may be turned in as scrap metal at the drop-off center, but at home they should be placed in the trash bin.

Additionally, the city urged residents not to use plastic bags to confine their recyclables. Instead those recyclables should be loose in recycling bins.

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