The vision of snow may garner groans from Wisconsinites concerned about slipping and sliding on it, but for one four-legged enthusiast, it's all part of the fun.

In fact, a 6-year-old Sheltie named Roxie has garnered plenty of social media attention for her whimsical wintertime activities.

The Crowley family's dog loves frolicking on top of a blanket of snow and dusting her whiskers with it. But her favorite winter pastime over the past several years has been sledding.

Social media star

The canine became an overnight sensation when Michael Crowley, a Waukesha County Board supervisor who is Roxie's owner, sent in a video clip to local news station WISN-TV, which aired the video Feb. 1, showing Roxie at play on her sled.

In the video, Crowley positions the sled on the hill, where Roxie climbs aboard.

"Okay Roxie, come on down," Crowley instructs from off camera.

Roxie moves forward on the blue sled, which gains momentum quickly to Roxie's evident delight. You get a glimpse of Roxie's butterscotch and marshmallow colored fur flying by.

After Roxie's debut on the news, the video has been shared around the world from Florida to Finland.

"This is crazy, it is the number one story on news stations around the globe,"  Crowley said.

News personalities from the show were retweeting Roxie's sledding video and a "Good Morning America" producer contacted him about using the clip.

Michael's 18-year-old daughter, Marissa, has had similar feedback in her realm.

The Waukesha North senior's cellphone was blowing up with calls after the story aired, and she was getting Instagram requests and texts.

"Some of my teachers played the video in class," Marissa Crowley said.

Snow dog deluxe

The blue sled in the video used to belong to Marissa. Her father and mother would pull her around on the sled when she was young. One day Marissa decided to do the same with Roxie, who quickly took to this traditional idea of sliding down a hill in the snow.

Her enthusiam hasn't waned. Michael Crowley commented whenever it snows, Roxie stands by the door in anticipation.

"She looks over at the sled and then stands in it," he laughed.

Roxie's adventure is not complete without her family pulling her up the stairs while still on the sled.

"She keeps wanting to go," Michael said.

Michael felt he needed to share the video with people. Normally he posts Roxie videos on Facebook or Twitter. The video aired on Wednesday during a WISN newscast.

Outdoorsy dog

Sledding isn't Roxie's only joys outdoors. Roxie also loves going kayaking and horseback riding on Marissa's horse, Ellie. It is obvious the dog takes after her active family who loves the outdoors.

Michael attributes Roxie's agility skills and good behavior to Marissa, who trained Roxie to sled and took her to agility and obedience classes. Roxie has earned several ribbons for her ability to quickly learn commands and tricks.

Marissa said it took building trust with Roxie to get acclimated to sledding.

"Roxie is a little shy at first, but she is super outgoing and wants to run or play," Marissa said.

Celebrity status

In addition to national exposure, Roxie, along with Michael, have gotten celebrity stares.

While Michael was in line on a morning trip to Starbucks, people commented on the video. A customer remarked how people working out at Gold's Gym were laughing during Roxie's news segment.

"People thought it was a great news story away from politics and killings. It was the kind of thing people need to see to make them smile," Michael said.

Roxie's family has their fingers crossed the video make its way to the Ellen DeGeneres show.

"That would be so cool; we hope Ellen will pick this up," he said.

Roxie is taking her newfound celebrity in stride or in paw. At the very least the Crowleys would like to replace the blue sled, from which a front piece has broken off.

"It is hard to pull her with only one hole left, we haven't replaced it yet," he said.

Regardless of whether Roxie makes it to Hollywood or her career as a spokesdog takes off, she certainly has won people's hearts in these parts, where the snow is merely another opportunity for fun to an appreciative pup.

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