Despite some late write-in challengers, candidates for Waukesha's aldermanic seats, school board and town chairmanship prevailed in the spring election on April 4.

According to preliminary vote totals, only one race, decided by 26 votes, was particularly close.

Cassie Rodriguez and Dean Lemke – two newcomers to the city's common council – will fill the seats in aldermanic Districts 3 and 13; school board members Joe Como, Barbara Brzenk and Karin Rajnicek retained their seats; and town of Waukesha Chairman John Marek held on to his seat as well.

Rodriguez, Como, Brzenk, Rajnicek and Marek all bested late write-in challengers in their respective races.

Aldermanic District 3

Cassie Rodriguez: 106

Linnea Trampe: 80

Waukesha School Board

Barbara Brzenk: 4,475

Joe Como: 4,456

Karin Rajnicek: 4,320

Shawn Rundblade: 240

Town chairman

John Marek: 707

Thomas Kulinski: 420

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