More than 675 students and 50 senior volunteers participated in the Intergenerational Folk Art Fair for third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students April 3-4 at the Waukesha County Expo Center.

Senior volunteers presented a living history experience for students focusing on life before modern technology in Wisconsin. Interfaith Senior Programs and the Waukesha County Museum collaborated to offer the educational and interactive opportunity for students.

“This hands-on experience provided an opportunity for children to learn and have fun, while meeting some of the local learning standards for the Wisconsin history curriculum,” said Corinn Marich, program manager for Interfaith Senior Programs. “The partnership that we have developed with the Waukesha County Museum has allowed us to greatly enhance the historical and educational aspects of the fair.”

The Folk Art Fair also provided an opportunity for senior volunteers to share their history and interact with a younger generation in new ways.

“This is such joy!” said senior volunteer Judy Jester. “We provide education and information on history and also pique students’ interests regarding future careers.”

Local schools expressed gratitude that they could provide a fun and interactive experience for their students, while helping them learn about history.

“I cannot say enough good things about this event,” said Scott Walter, principal at Riverside Elementary. “It was a wonderful day, and our kids were so engaged. The exhibits were all hands on and the exhibitors were outstanding.”

Elected officials from Waukesha County joined in the experience by volunteering at the fair, highlighting the impact of citizen service and looking to inspire more residents to volunteer in their community.

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