Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell did not attend Waukesha West's prom on Saturday, May 13, after all. 

Waukesha West High School Principal Ryan Patt and Director of Public Relations and Communication Terry Schuster confirmed the news shortly in advance of the weekend event late last week. 

The Waukesha School District was in the spotlight due to Ava Tarintino, a Waukesha West High School student who received acceptance of a date for prom via Twitter from Bell.


Tarintino tweeted Bell, "500 rts and you'll go to prom w me."  Bell replied and said "600 and it's a deal." Later that same evening Tarintino met the goal. Bell responded on Twitter, "welllll, a deal is a deal see youu at your prom."

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Known restrictions 

However, there was uncertainty from the onset.

The Waukesha School District has an age restriction for prom guests, who usually must be younger than 20 years old. Also, according to the Waukesha West prom guest application, a person can be subjected to a background check. People with any incidents of drugs, alcohol, or criminal acts will be denied.

Bell was arrested for marijuana possession in 2014.

A solution proposed was to allow Bell to attend other pre-prom activities that are open to the public such as photos or the grand march. 

Tarintino filled out a guest application for Bell in March. 

Aware of decision

Patt said Tarintino was aware of Bell not attending before he was informed. 

"He (Bell) was welcome to attend our grand march and made the decision not to attend," Patt said. 

Bell and Tarintino couldn't be reached for comment prior to the event. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers communication directed questions to Bell's agent who didn't respond at the time of the article's posting. 

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