Description by HAWS staff:

Myrna is a 6-month-old pointer-and-terrier mix. She really enjoys the company of people, including children. Myrna would do best being the only pet in the home as she is a little shy.

Jersey is a 9-year-old cattle dog mix. She is a fairly independent. Jersey does not like to share items that belong to her – especially her food. She enjoys human company on long walks.

The lovable Buford is a 1½-year-old pit bull terrier. He would enjoy being the only pet to hog your family's love. He is a high-energy adolescent who may do best with older children. In his free time, he likes to play and get attention.

Timmy is a 3-year-old Hotot rabbit. He came to HAWS because his owner joined the military and could not take him along. Timmy is sweet, friendly, and a fun fellow. He is full of energy and needs space to do many 500s and binkies every day.

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