A 41-year-old Mukwonago man is accused of several burglaries in the city of Waukesha garage and criminal trespassing and attempted theft at We Energies in the village of Mukwonago.


Jarred R. Dillaber, 151 Eagle Lake Drive, upper, was charged Friday, July 28, in Waukesha County Circuit Court with four felony counts of burglary, one count of criminal trespass to an energy provider property and misdemeanor theft. 

According to the criminal complaint, in March, officers and detectives from the Waukesha Police Department began investigating several burglaries to the city garage, 300 Sentry Drive.

The complaint alleges the first burglary occurred March 8 when three spools of 6-gauge ground copper wire went missing from the pole barn shed, with an approximate value of $4,500. 


The garage was burglarized again on March 20, March 25 and May 12, the complaint said. 

Additional items stolen include insulated wire, possibly additional copper wire, a Stiehl concrete saw valued at $1,165, a Generac generator valued at $699.99, and a new 50-foot yellow extension cord with clear plugs marked with "DPW."

Investigators were able to obtain pictures of footwear impressions from the suspect. 

Attempted theft in Mukwonago

On May 14, someone entered a Wisconsin Electric Power Co. substation at 690 S. Rochester St., Mukwonago, by cutting through chain-link fence and chain and brass locks within the compound. Officers observed several spools of wire outside two Dumpsters, and determined they had been moved from a truck within the We Energies substation.

The complaint said the same day a law-enforcement officer found a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer stuck in the mud at Miniwaukan Park, which is adjacent to the WEPCO substation. Tracks indicated the path of travel of the truck was consistent with having left the substation, traveled east along the WEPCO trail, and into the park area in an attempt to flee the scene. 

Dillabar is the owner of the vehicle.

The complaint said Dillaber called the village police shortly after this discovery to report that his vehicle had been stolen.

Among the items found in the vehicle was a yellow extension cord marked "DPW" and "Stockroom," the complaint noted.

Officers discovered that Dillaber's vehicle had been in the area of the city of Waukesha Garage at 12:23 a.m. and 12:46 a.m. May 12.

Police also said the person pictured in surveillance photographs from the camera matched Dillaber's appearance, according to the complaint.

Records of cell phones known to be used by Dillabar revealed that both numbers had been used in Waukesha during the timeframe of the burglaries. Cell tower data put the user of those numbers in proximity to the city garage.

The phone records also showed that both numbers used a cell phone tower near a recycling facility in Cudahy after the burglaries. The complaint also said Dillaber's driver's license was provided during a transaction in that area in which he sold 160 pounds of aluminum, 134 pounds of copper and 303 pounds of steel.

A search warrant executed July 27 at Dillaber's residence turned up a distinct striped sweatshirt as pictured in the surveillance photos, as well as two pairs of shoes, one of which matched footprints left at the March 8 burglary from the city garage, and the other which matched footprints left at the May 12 burglary.

Officers also spoke with a relative who said Dillaber had asked where he could sell copper, according to the complaint. 

Dillaber's preliminary hearing is scheduled for Aug. 3.


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