There's no doubt that the Lake Country area is  a hotbed for golf these days. Whether it be popular public courses of all distances and challenges or four outstanding private clubs that all feature some of the best playing conditions found anywhere in the state, the Lake Country has a lot to offer.

Certainly many of these courses have several outstanding and very interesting holes. Let's take a look at 18 of those holes as we put together an All-Star cast of the best 18 holes the Lake Country has to offer.

Let's take a look at the 2016 Lake Country classic golf course that measures 6,576 yards and plays to a par of 72.

1st hole - (Bristlecone No. 2). This is a very tough opening hole that measures 376 yards. But every place you look, except the middle of the fairway, there's trouble. Out of bounds can be found most of the way up the right side and tall grass, mounds and trees border the left side of the hole. There are three fairway traps on the hole, as well as tall grass and a waste area to the front right. Putting is tough, as the green as all kinds of subtle breaks. A difficult par if you're not in the fairway. Par 4.

2nd hole - (La Belle No. 18). This hole measures 355 yards and has two tees, one left and one right. From the right, a fade is the best shot as trees outline both sides of the fairway. The final 80 yards of the hole go steeply uphill to a difficult green that slopes from back to the front. Traps can be found green side. Not much room for error if you don't hit the fairway. Par 4.

3rd hole - (Chenequa No. 3). This hole was totally rebuilt about three years ago, and it's a beauty. There are four tee boxes, with the longest measuring 168 yards. For this course, it will be playing 150 yards, and it requires a high shot over a large rock-lined pond. If you bail right, you could hit the lone green side trap.The putting surface is large, so hitting the green does not guarantee par. Par 3.

4th hole - (Western Lakes No. 2). This hole can be had with two solid and straight shots off the tee, as it measures just 471 yards. But there's tons of water right of the fairway and thick rough, pine trees and two sand traps to the left to snatch crooked tee shots. Plus, if you don't hit it long enough off the tee, a layup is a must, as a small creek splits the fairway about 110 yards from the green. A couple of traps protect the front of the green. The big hitters have a huge advantage. Par 5.

5th hole - (Oconomowoc No. 13). This hole measures 378 yards but probably plays 50 yards longer because the final 50 yards of the hole goes up a very steep hill. Off the tee, a pond is located on the right, and the left side has all kinds of big trees. You must hit the fairway to make par. The big green slopes sharply from back to the front. A false front is located in front of the putting surface, and if your approach shot comes up short, your ball is going to roll all the way back down to the fairway. A menacing par 4.

6th hole - (Naga-Waukee No. 10). The picturesque dogleg right measures 401 yards and requires two good shots to make par. Tall grass borders the left side of the fairway, and a sand trap borders the right side at the dogleg. The final 155 yards go straight downhill to a huge, sloping green that's bordered by a trap to the front right. At the dogleg, thick woods border both sides of the fairway. There's not a flat spot on the green. Par 4.

7th hole - (Bristlecone No. 12). This difficult hole measures 166 yards with trouble all over the place. Tall grass and water border the right side all the way to the green and behind it. Out of bounds and more tall grass can be found left. The two-tiered green is protected by traps to the front right and back right. This green is a challenge to the best of putters. It's a beauty. Par 3.

8th hole - (Naga-Waukee No. 14). When the trees turn colors in the fall and the sailboats are on Pewaukee Lake, this is one of the most picturesque holes in the state. From an elevated tee, the 525-yard hole has woods right and tall grass and out of bounds left. Two traps can be found to front left of the huge, sloping green and one can be found to the backside. Two long, straight drives gives the big hitters a great run at birdie. For the shorter hitters, par is also very possible with two accurate shots off the tee. Par 5.

9th hole - (Brandybrook No. 18). This 415 yard hole requires two straight shots off the tee if you want to make par. A low, wet area can be found at  the right of the fairway, and three traps border each side. As you approach the green, three more traps can be found protecting the front of the putting surface. The green is 50 yards long and breaks drastically from the left to right. If you don't get your approach close enough, you're going to three-putt. Par 4.

10th hole - (Brandybrook No. 3). Nothing is easy about this 380-yard straight hole. Water can be found all the way up the right side of the fairway and  out of bounds, a big tree and sand trap are located on the left side. The fairway curves to the right off the tee and then back left to the green. A pond protects the front right of the green. The putting surface has a hump in the middle which makes putting a challenge. Par 4.

11th hole - (Chenequa No. 10). There's not a whole lot of trouble on this 425-yard hole if you hit two solid shots, but par is not easy. The dogleg right turns about 180 yards from the green. A pond can be found to the right of the fairway and a big trap is straight ahead off the tee at the dogleg. A trap is located to the right of the  large putting surface. There's not an easy pin placement on the big, round green. Par 4.

12th hole - (Ironwood No. 2). If you love challenging par-3 holes, this hole fits perfectly. The 195-yard hole goes downhill to a large, sloping green that is protected by traps everywhere you look. Thick grass also can be found to both  sides of the putting surface. If you hit the green, there's no guarantee of par because there's not many flat pin locations. Par 3.

13th hole - (Bristlecone No. 7). This 486-yard hole has trouble everywhere. Off the tee, there's out of bounds left and fairway traps left and right. A waste area splits the fairway about halfway up the hole. Tall grass, mounds and waste areas can be found to the right all the way to the green. Five traps protect the front of the two-tiered green. Good shots are a must for par. Par 5.

14th hole - (Oconomowoc No. 9). Measuring just 338 yards, off the tee the hole looks pretty easy. But trees border both sides of the fairway. The final 45 yards of this hole go straight uphill. The sloping green presents a serious challenge as the surface breaks sharply from back to the front. A false front that's hard to see requires the approach shot to make the putting surface. Par 4.

15th hole - (Brandybrook No. 11). A beautiful, old brick silo can be seen straight off the tee. A fairway trap can be found on the left of the fairway and trees are located to the right as the fairway turns quietly to the right and then back to the left to the green of this 458-yard hole. The final 165 yards go downhill to a green that has traps both left and right. This putting surface also breaks from the back to the front. Par 4.

16th hole - (Kettle Moraine No. 7). A great looking hole that measures 168 yards from a slightly elevated tee box. A big trap can be found to the right front and some bushes border the left side of the green. The putting surface is nasty, breaking from back to front on the sloping green. There's not an easy pin placement anywhere. Par 3.

17th hole - (Oconomowoc No. 8). This hole measures 500 yards, with trouble all over the place off the tee. Traps can be found on both sides of the fairway, and there's also a lot of big trees up both sides. A deep gully is located  about 100 yards in front of the green, which also has a small false front. It's a big birdie chance for the big hitters. Excellent hole. Par 5.

18th hole - (Bristlecone No. 18). An outstanding finishing hole. The hole slopes mildly downhill all the way from the tee to the green on the 415-yard hole.. A pond can be found off the tee to the right and water borders the right side of green. Tall grass and trouble can be found right off the tee. The final 15 yards go uphill to a two-tiered green that can frustrate the best of putters. Two traps also protect the right of the green in front of the water. Par 4.